A qualitative, multistage approach was chosen to reach the aim of the research project. Data collection will be concentrated in two geographic areas: Berlin/Brandenburg and Munich/Upper Bavaria.

  • In a first step of an iterative process, semi-structured problem-centred interviews with ventilator-dependent patients (N = 15) and informal caregivers (N = 15) will be conducted in the home-care setting and analysed using the coding paradigm following the grounded theory approach.
  • In a second step, the results will be discussed in Focus Groups (N = 6) with service providers and consultant professionals in the field of HTHC. This data will be analysed using qualitative content and discourse analysis
  • In the third step, a contrastive analysis of the results from the first and second steps will be conducted, followed by a reflection and summary of implications for health care. The recommendations developed in this way will be discussed with proven experts before publication.